Researchers from the University of Oxford and Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit are looking understand if and how shared datasets are reused, what challenges exist in accessing and reusing the data and what impact data reuse has had on scientific research and general public health.

Data from this study will help to define what measures should be implemented to increase effective secondary data use. We anticipate that increased reuse of data will result in improved quality and transparency in science, improved public health and patient outcomes, and better return on investment in research.

Have you used or wanted to use clinical research data collected by other researchers?

Please complete this short survey: Reuse of clinical research data Survey

The survey is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Réutilisation des données de recherche clinique 

Reutilización de datos de investigación clínica

Reutilização de dados de pesquisa clínica


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