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Who is the Global Pathfinder Community for?

There are several benefits to joining a global community and initiating a Pathfinder Project.  This global community is for those who wish to: 

  • Enable generation of new research insights and evidence

  • Learn from and strengthen methodologies and research processes

  • Strengthen knowledge sharing and equity within wider global health communities of practice, with appropriate attribution for the host project and pathfinder study teams, through open sharing of solutions emerging from the pathfinder studies - including processes, tools and other resources

  • Enable capacity building in researchand data science for the host project and pathfinder study teams, their institutions, countries and regions. 

  • Help to build communities of practice through connecting excellence, and strengthen the research and data science ecosystem  

  • Map and strengthen health data infrastructure, including data governance, and enable greater data access, re-use and sharing between institutions, countries and regions.