Community engagement and public, patient, practitioner and policy-maker involvement and engagement

Welcome to the community engagement and public, patient, practitioner and policy-maker invovement and engagement (PPPIE) pages of the Global Health Data Science Hub. These pages are for our community of practice to share resources and examples of excellent practice in community engagement and PPPIE.

Community and stakeholder engagement at all stages in the data re-use project cycle underpins relevant and quality research. On this page you will find links to resources and examples to support you with this, including a link to the Mesh network which is a collaborative open-access web space for anyone involved in health research in low-middle-income countries.

 Example Projects

Documentary - "Beyond the Distancing"

Community and stakeholder engagement experiences in developing a COVID-19 social disparities index for Brazil

Learn more about how Maria Yury Ichihara and her team at the Centre for Data and Knowledge Integration for Health (Cidacs) at Fiocruz in Brazil created a social disparities index to measure inequalities relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as unequal access to healthcare, to identify regions that are more vulnerable to infection and to better focus prevention efforts.


Know about other important resources?  

Resource About Type Theme Organisation
The Mesh community engagement network The Mesh network is an online network for people working in community engagement with global health research. The network is a collaborative, open access knowledge hub where community engagement practitioners, researchers, health workers and others can network, share resources and discuss good practice. You can join the network via their website. Find additional resources on Mesh partner sites. Learning materials Stakeholder Engagement MESH