Current resources to support Pathfinder Projects  

Pathfinder studies provide a research methodology framework that aims to identify challenges and solutions to help accelerate the health data research cycle and enable health data research projects to provide valuable new insights. These studies seek to share their findings and solutions within the domain of open science research, empowering other research teams to access and utilise the valuable tools and methodologies generated, as well as to build data science and health research capacity.

Pathfinder tracker:

This tracker is designed to document and map the various stages of the Pathfinder Projects. These can be adapted for each project and will record quantitative and qualitative data to better understand the processes, barriers and solutions of the studies. This is availble as an Excel file or Google Sheet. To use the Google Sheet you will need to log into your Google account and select File -> Make a copy.   

Version 1.1 (changes to qualitative questions)
Version 1.0

Pathfinder Studies' Outputs Workshop:

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the prominent themes that emerged during the two online workshop sessions, coordinated by the Health Data Research Global programme team, which involved global partners and focused on collaboratively identifying key outputs and stakeholders to accelerate insights into the research projects through using the pathfinder study approach. The workshop also identified challenges and proposed solutions to address these, enabling effective identification and resolution of challenges for future research projects.

In addition, the report captures the benefits of carrying out pathfinder studies, as well as the benefits that wider groups of stakeholders - including local communities and policy makers - stand to gain from both health data science projects and pathfinder studies.