Toolkit Authors: Aashna Uppal, Larissa Pruner Marques, Leticia Marinho, Lais Martins Costa Araujo, Ibrahim Duah Kwaku, Saimul Islam, Daniela Morelli, Salvia Zeeshan, Christine Kirima, Bonny Baker

The steps below provide key insight into implementing data clubs and clinics, informed by our experience piloting this program in icddr,b (Bangladesh):

Introduction and Objectives »

Purpose of this toolkit, key definitions, and objectives. 

Getting Started »

Identifying the need, developing a plan, and setting learning objectives.

Designing a Curriculum »

How to leverage freely available resources and identify priority topics for learning.

Outreach and Participant Registration »

Planning class sizes and faculty:student ratios.

Promotion and Workshop Preparation »

Step-by-step guidance to prepare adequately.

Logistics on the Day »

Key points to make sure things run smoothly.

Impact Evaluation »

Pre- and post-workshop surveys to effectively measure impact.