Tools, techniques and resources for data analysis 

On this page you will find links to resources and examples which will support you in carrying out your analysis. This includes statistical and domain-specific considerations, the use of privacy enhancing technologies, excellent practice and techniques, as well as tools and Apps.


Example projects

R for Health Data Science book

Ewen Harrison and Riinu Pius.

This book will take an individual with little or no experience in health data science all the way through to the execution of sophisticated analyses.

Health Data Research UK Futures

Health Data Research (HDR) Futures is a free and flexible virtual learning platform which lets you learn from national and international experts however and whenever suits you.

Research tutorials

In their project, 'Routine Assessment of Infections, Prevention, and Control of SARS-CoV-2 on Unequal Populations in Brazil', Juliane Fonseca de Oliveira and colleagues at Fiocruz in Brazil developed mathematical and statistical methods to model COVID-19 transmission across populations in Brazil to better inform local intervention efforts. 

Juliane Oliveira and her team also created videos and a YouTube playlist with video lectures intended to serve as advanced tutorials based on the research activities developed at PAMEpi.