Resources and support to facilitate trustworthy sharing, access and use of health data

On this page you will find links to resources and examples which will help you with a range of data related topics such as data capture standards, data storage, management and preparation, governance and standards, and trustworthy and ethical data sharing.


Example projects

EDCTP Data Management Portal

EDCTP logoThe EDCTP Data Management Portal has been developed to provide support to researchers to ensure that high-quality data management is fully considered, and planned for, from the outset and throughout the life of a research project.

Generic Governance Policies for re-use

The International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA) has made available generic, re-usable governance policies for research reviews, output reviews, publications, attibution and acknowledgements. These can be used as reference templates for your our research projects

Training course: Data Sharing

This course aims to fill this gap by giving you basic and practical guidance in data management and sharing. This course is aimed at early career researchers, postgraduate students and clinical research support staff who are collecting, managing and using health data.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to data management
  • Ethics of sharing individual level health research data
  • Ethics and best practices in sharing individual-level research data
  • Data governance, policies and Data Access Committees
  • Data quality
  • Costing for data management. 

Training course: Introduction to Data Management for Clinical Research Studies

Good data management is key to maintaining, processing. analysing and storing high quality data. This course provides an overview and guide to this important element of the research process and is aimed at everyone involved in clinical research.

 ALERRT (African coaLition for Epidemic Research, Response and Training) - Data Management e-Learning modules 

In the training module, the focus is on the activities related to data management and information communication technologies (ICT), in particular on the design of a data management plan and its reference to relevant data management and ICT procedures led by ALERRT WP 3 collaborators. It provides an overview of setup and data management in low- and middle-income countries where ALERRT study sites are distributed.