Welcome to the Uptake of Data Insights pages of the Global Health Data Science Hub.

"If research is to deliver its maximum impact and positively change health outcomes, findings from health research should be translated into recommendations that can be implemented within policy and practice." (ARCH Knowledge Hub) 

These pages provide a space for our community to share experiences of how you have engaged with, involved and supported key stakeholders, (including policymakers, communities, public, patient and practitioners) to build trust and recognition of the impact of health data science projects in order to enable research findings to be taken up into policy and implemented. Please tell us via the Contact page what has worked well or less well, and why, or any resources which you feel would be of benefit to others in our community.


Resources and relevant initiatives

The ARCH knowledge hub aims to bring together researchers, implementors and policymakers to facilitate knowledge exchange, coordination and collaboration for the uptake and application of research findings into policy and practice. Here you will find free resources and tools, a free open virtual workspace to discuss with other researchers as well as successfull case studies to support effective and faster uptake of your research studies


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